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Talking in the 3rd person is nerdy, but effective.

Self-professed composer / teacher / nerd, Rafael Hernandez, is the author of musical and technological materials wide and varied. Most recently, he has seen almost twenty hours of video instruction on mobile application programming published by Lynda.com's in Titanium Mobile App Essential Training and Infinite Skills' Learning Corona SDK. In addition to these two recently published titles, he has made available over 100 hours of free instruction on music technology software on YouTube, including thousands of views recorded for subjects on Pure Data (the visual programming language), Pro Tools, and Finale 2006. In addition to video training on topics of music and technology, Rafael has developed music software. In 2007 he created the MusicEd typeface for music educators, and it is in wide use across the United States and in Europe, Asia, and Australia by k-5 educators and practitioners of the Kodály method. In 2011, he developed Simple Solfège: The Melodic Memory Game, a Simon-meets-ear-training game that strengthens sight singing and musicianship abilities. In 2008, Rafael published a unique educational game called IV-V-I: The Harmony Card Game that introduces concepts of functional harmony via playing cards. 

As a composer, Rafael's music has been heard in many venues across the United States. He is also President of Composers, Inc. a non-profit music presenting organization focused on the presentation of new American music. In terms of his musical training, he holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Master of Music Degree from The University of Texas at Austin, and a Doctor of Music degree from Indiana University. He has studied composition under composers Sven-David Sandström, Don Freund, P.Q. Phan, Sydney Hodkinson, Keith Fitch, Dan Welcher, Donald Grantham, Russell Pinkston, Peter Knell, and Allan Blank. As well, he has studied with composers John Harbison, Osvaldo Golijov, Michael Gandolfi, and Magnus Lindberg at Tanglewood.

At California State University East Bay, Rafael is Interim Associate Dean of the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. Prior to that appointment, he served as Chair of the Department of Music and Director of the Multimedia Graduate Program. His research is primarily focused on the use of music and technology to provide new means of music pedagogy. Rafael currently lives in the San Francisco bay area with his wife, Rachel, and his two children, Novlyne and Ulysses.

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